Sundays presentations at Wellington WordCamp 2011 Te Papa.

Jason, Miraz & Jo - Inside WP ? Intro & refresher

Remember the Screen Options on edit post/page. You can select which items show on the screen.

Yoast has some great plugins - Yoast SEO WordPress

  • just had a look at the SEO plugin, VERY cool, checks title, meta description, content for your search phrases.

Vaultpress has great code scanners to check out whether plugins have any bad code in them. - great tutorials

search for Lorelle on - training resources

pharma hack - make sure passwords are unique, change the admin username to another name.

WordPress does not automatically let others know when people have commented. Plugin wordpress comment subscribe does that.

Dan Milward Selling music online

Developer of the WordPress eCommerce plugin

Where to store your music - store in the cloud - Amazon s3 If downloads take longer than a certain time, then on standard servers/hosts you get a timeout on download

Lots of components to the WordPress plugin including many for music downloads.

Sound cloud, bandcamp, itunes

xero wp plugin

Stacey Roche Themes & Design

E2 Digital

Allin one slideshow, buddypress

New Zealand Trade Manual

typekit fonts on the WordCamp website

fireworks - simple to cut up for html

Ryan Hellyer Easier WordPress

zbench theme options - options for where sidebars go. multisite setup pressabl - rather than allowing people to add php in templates, having a code replacement scheme - ie ] for specific code.

Additional eCommerce Plugins

Wordpress Plugins for eCommerce