Are you looking for SEO services Auckland or NZ wide? SearchMasters are expert SEO consultants who can grow your business through a stronger presence in Google Search. Jonathan and Michael share 21 years SEO experience.

Whether you are a local service business, a budding startup or an established brand, we have the experience to create an strategy that will give your website a strong start in SEO and long term success.

Our SEO Services Packages Include:

Local or Regional Service Business

Do you work in trades or run a shop that serves your community? Local trades in New Zealand tend to have year-round predicatable traffic for phrases such as "electrician" and "electrician [location]". Google provides search traffic data - get in touch with Jonathan for a free report on the search traffic for your service area.

eCommerce or Service Business

If you are selling through your website, your website is your business. Creating high quality content and getting the links that the content deserves is a tough challenge - you need to know where your time is most effective. Work with SearchMasters to create content that your target market are already looking for.

National or International Brand

Perhaps you are already ranking top ten for your target search phrases. The click through rates on the top results are exponential - first place gets approximately 32% dropping to 14% for 2nd place. Every position your improve can mean a large increase in traffic. Hire SearchMasters to get into the details and stand strong in the face of competition.

How do we make your website more competitive in Google Search? I am often suprised to see big brands and small service business alike missing out the SEO basics. Getting the basics right creates a strong start in SEO since few competitors have these factors in line:

  1. Selection of relevant and feasible search phrases to target
  2. Creating landing pages based on similar search phrases found in step 1
  3. Include the search phrases in the meta title and content of the page

Steps one to three address part of the site quality issue - what about technical SEO?

To be indexed in search engine results, Google crawls your website with bots and follows the links. The bots record various aspects of the webpage and stores them in a database which is used to search for relevant pages when someone makes a Google search. It is important to make the bot’s job as easy as possible. Thats where technical SEO comes in.

Technical SEO Services

Similar to taking a car in for service, we use our experience and tools to search for issues that might hinder Google’s bots. Some issues I look out for in technical SEO:

Link strategy is an essential aspect of the search engine optimisation of a website. Using SearchMasters services means you are receiving Award Winning strategy that was enough to get us ranked top of Google for the 2010 inaugural New Zealand Search Engine Optimisation competition.

Depending on the initial strength of the website, we often correct wording and other SEO issues, then wait one to two weeks after Google has cached it to see where it ranks without additional help.

We have a foundation strategy of a number of New Zealand and International directory, press release and news websites that we use to link into client sites, and to interlink between each other. We have found this group of sites very successful at getting client websites ranked well, and in many cases in getting the actual listings ranking for client phrases. For one client phrase, we have 10 of the top 20 on Google for a competitive phrase being either their own sites, or sites that are promoting them.

We work with you to get links from a number of New Zealand directories like Finda and Yellow. We word and link to them in such a way as to maximise the value we can get out of them. Often we can get your listing showing higher than the category page on each website.

We make sure that there is unique wording on pages that link to you. We DON’T use the exact wording of your home page. In particular, we make sure we use different words before and after the first instance of the search phrases on your home page, or other page you wish to be ranked on Google.

News/Press Release websites

It can be possible to get a live link on a article. There are also scoop profile pages when you publish articles. There are a number of other similar news/press release websites that allow selective use of live links on their articles.

International Directories

While there are many free for all directory websites that are heavily spammed and disregarded by Google, we use a small number of paid and free directory and profile sites that have good Google PR on pages, and that are well cached. It is generally better when a site exists for something other than SEO, as it is less likely to be disregarded by Google.

You know people who have websites in your industry, clients, suppliers and interested people. We brainstorm together about how such relationships can be harvested for getting links into your pages.

Getting industry related links is not an easy exercise, but it is about relevant websites that will get you real clicks from interested people and those links will also be very powerful for your Google organic rankings. Such links will generally not be on “directory” style pages on their sites that contain 101 other links to websites. Therefore the links will have that much more power as they are likely to possibly be the only external link on that page. They are also links that are unlikely to be replicated by competitors as it is you that has the relationship with that business.

As an additional step, we can check for the most powerful sites/pages that are linking to competitors. We see if its possible to obtain links from those places. However, in many cases the links are from websites the competitors own or have exclusive deals with. It is the task therefore to take the concepts the competitors are using, and create your own exclusive arrangements or group of websites. Getting links from sites that link to competitors is very time consuming and therefore expensive.

Article Publishing

General publicly available article sites are problematic in that they contain thousands of articles and are better known to Google therefore more likely to be downplayed in the algorithms. We often find that few of the articles we publish get found by Google, or if they get found, they have very little power.

Private networks have been better in that they have had less articles in them, had better Google PR to article ratio, and have been less likely to be degraded by Google.

However Google has been very active in finding article directory websites and removing them from Google since January 2012, and then since May 2013 such links have been harming the sites they link to.

In the past we have posted to links directories. We have had lists of hundreds of the most powerful, and most likely to accept listing directories.

However, when we have rechecked the power of the directories, we have found many have been removed from Google - sites with thousands of pages, but only 10 pages in Google, or only the homepage cached, or even no pages cached.

Therefore, we have found this method of obtaining links has not been an efficient use of time and resources.

Do Follow Blog Posting

We have in the past posted comments to dofollow blogs. Most blogs have flags on the links that tell Google to not count the links in its ranking algorithm using link text.

It is all very well adding a comment to a blog post once, but what about if you have 50 clients? Do you ethically become the persona of 50 people and write blog comments? And it is one person writing so many blog comments - not good leveraging of time, even for outsourcing to a low labour rate country.

In addition, it becomes known that the blogs are dofollow blogs. Each post has sometimes hundreds of links on them. The power of each link is therefore rather diluted to a point of being next to useless as compared to the time expense required.

Forum Signatures

Forum signatures are another dubious method of obtaining links. I receive many spam threads and posts on my forums, that are solely there to obtain the signature links. In addition, forums typically have many links on each page. One signature link may be 1 of over 150 other links, and is therefore of little value.

The links are also generally the same on each post/thread, and are therefore duplicate.

Google can often pick up such blog and forum pages, and devalue links on the pages where they are obvious spam - like lots of links to Casinos and Viagra.

Linking Summary

We have a foundation method that is successfully getting client websites ranked well.

Once this foundation method has been used, we then look through other opportunities as mentioned above for ongoing monthly work.

Please contact us for a link strategy to get your website higher on Google.