SEO Training

SEO Training from Jonathan Brandon or Michael Brandon of SearchMasters:

  • Do you know Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Are the websites you develop SEO friendly?
  • Is your own website SEO friendly?

SearchMasters has a passion to improve the level of Search Engine Optimisation New Zealand and Worldwide:

We are have the following training courses as both public and inhouse seminars:

  • SEO101 - three simple secrets
  • SEO201 2 1/2 hr Intermediate seminar
  • SEO301 2 hr Advanced seminar
  • SEO Workshop

Web Developers Training Seminar

SearchMasters believes that websites should be fundamentally SEO friendly, and that SEO and basic external backlinks should be built into websites as part of the development process, not as an add on.

SEO add on's should be based on obtaining additional links and monitoring in order to get to required positions on the search engine results.

The SearchMasters Secrets seminar covers everything you need to know (and more) about Search Engine Optimisation. The seminar is suitable for website owners who are serious about their online performance.

Three Simple Secrets

Three simple secrets that will get your website higher on Google and other Search Engines - suitable for all website owners, and web developers

Course Outline

SEO 101 - Three Simple Secrets that will get you higher

  • Search Phrase Selection
  • Head section
  • Content
- getting the detail perfected, being incredibly pedantic over the details.

SEO201 - the SearchMasters Secrets - Step 1

  • How Google Page Rank underpins everything that Google does with search
  • Ethical considerations
  • SEO is only part of the marketing mix
  • Human v automated SEO techniques
  • SearchMasters Philosophy

  • Whole of Site Optimisation
  • Getting the top of what - its not just
  • Whole of site SEO in a nutshell
  • The Cardinal Rule - one page - one url
  • Redirects - how to do them, how not to, when to do different types
  • Search Phrases in the domain - advantages and disadvantages
  • Separate page for each targeted search phrase
  • Other search engines

  • Whole of Web Optimisation
  • Linking strategies - a black art
  • Search Engine Searches - what do the search engines know about your site?
  • Positive linking
  • Votes for a page with anchor text
  • Transfer of Google PR
  • Linking best practice

  • Moving forward
  • Measuring performance
  • Professional support offered
  • Link exchanging between members

SEO 301 - The SearchMasters Secrets - Step 2 - advanced

  • The programming for stopping multiple domain access
  • Hyphens in the domain - pros and cons
  • How to get indented listings in the Search Results
  • Is HTML validation important?
  • Avoiding Session id's
  • Avoiding strings in the url's - pros and cons
  • Wildcard url's
  • Cloaking/Hidden pages - blackhat, and where might be acceptable
  • Subdomains vs Subdirectories - SEO strategy
  • URL's for pagination
  • What is rel=nofollow - where can it be used
  • Disabling Open Directory Project and Yahoo description
  • Malware on your site - how it can effect your rankings
  • On site Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Multiple home page url's - index.php/index.html
  • Google Images search - how to use to your advantage

  • Whole of Web Optimisation
  • Tricks to watch for - duplicate content
  • High Domain Authority websites
  • Authority sites
  • Linking Clouds - search phrases commonly used in a group of websites
  • Social networking websites - how to harness the social linking power
  • Outbound linking
  • Age of website
  • Domain name registration - what does Google use of this information?
  • Date of first finding
  • Using paid advertisements
  • Labeling of Search Phrases
  • Search Engine Ranking changes - constant updating
  • Optimising Specific packages - vBulletin, osCommerce, Joomla, Wordpress, ...
  • Froggle
  • What can go wrong
  • Search Engine Spamming
  • Supplemental listings
  • Duplicate Content
  • One site penalty
  • Google Sandbox - sites and search phrases
  • What SERP ranking is Gold - top 10? top 5?
  • SearchMasters SEO Certification

Thats it folks - incredibly thorough, detailed, so many more points than the "three simple secrets" of the SEO101 course!
  • The next step is to work with us to properly SEO a number of your websites. We will help you to put the training into practice.
  • The final step is that you submit a site to us that is properly SEO'ed and requires no tweaking to be at our standard. We will quiz you on your knowledge, and it you can prove you know your stuff, you can be certified.